We decided to buy milk only in the area where we live, and that this will be our specialty.

We only buy milk from cows grazing on farms in hilly areas in the Soča River Valley and the Idrijca River Valley. Milk originates from the farms of the Soča Valley, i.e. from the municipalities Tolmin, Kobarid, and Bovec, and partly also from the peripheral areas of the municipalities of Kanal, Nova Gorica, Cerkno, and Idrija. We do not add any additives to milk, produced by our farmers, so the milk is completely natural and of high quality, and we produce quality local products that our customers like.

Cow milk, obtained to Mlekarna Planika, comes from about 120 farms only from the area, covered by the Tolmin Agricultural Cooperative. The highest-located farm from which we buy milk is, for example, a farm at Vojsko, which lies 1,000 meters above sea level. It is of the utmost importance that livestock graze high in the mountains during summer, while producing good enough fodder for the winter in the valley.

By buying milk from local farmers, we provide consumers with quality local food, while ensuring the existence of livestock farming, farmland, and contributing to farmers’ income and employing workers in our area.

Mlekarna Planika has its own Bogata estate in Bovec, with about 130 dairy cows. It is important that with our offer Kobarid, Bovec, and Tolmin areas represent themselves as producers of healthy, naturally processed foods, which raises the quality of milk products on the Slovenian market.