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Dairy Planika Kobarid, in cooperation with the Tolmin Angling Club, surprised us with a bold decision to combine two seemingly incompatible flavors – cheese and fish. We added the selected pieces of smoked trout, prepared by the Faronika Tolmin fish farm. We intertwined the taste of the Soča Valley in this innovative product. It is the Soča which gave us inspiration for the creation of the Soški cheese, because we have combined the tasted “from Soča to the mountains”.

The basis is cheese Kober, which we produce in Mlekarna Planika from milk of cows grazing in the unspoiled nature of the Soča valley. The colour of the cheese is light yellow with pink pieces of smoked trout. It is matured on wooden shelves under controlled conditions, where is daily manually turned.

A vacuum-packed wheel of cheese weighs about 650 g.


Nutrition Facts (100g of product)

Energy value1054/252 kJ/XXX kcal
Fat13,0 g
of which saturated fat8,7 g
Carbohydrates5,4 g
of which sugars0,9 g
Protein28,3 g
Salt1,24 g
Cheese with smoked trout Soča cheese
Pieces of smoked trout

Faronika d.o.o. breeds fish in Tolmin, at the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka rivers. Never-ending sufficient quantity of clean, fast running water makes it possible to breed the best fish. Pieces of smoked trout or smoked trout, which we add to our cheese, is one of the most recognizable products of the Tolmin fish farm.

Enjoy the harmony of taste of the Soča Valley.

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