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Wild oregano (also called dobra misel, i.e. kind thought) is a herb, which is, especially for our cheese, picked in the mountains enclosing the Soča Valley. It gives the cheese an extremely pleasant and aromatic taste. Due to the growth in difficult conditions of nature, the aroma of herbs is especially characteristic and distinctive. Cheese with wild oregano is semi-hard cheese produced by soft cheese technology from pasteurized, non-homogenized, whole milk.

It is matured on wooden shelves under controlled conditions. It is daily manually turned, which additionally contributes to the high value of the product. The cheese has a smooth, delicate yellow crust, a soft elastic texture, and does not have eyes in the cross-section.

A vacuum-packed wheel of cheese weighs about 650 g.


Nutrition Facts (100g of product)

Energy value1446 kJ/348 kcal
Fat25,4 g
of which saturated fat16,6 g
Carbohydrates3,1 g
of which sugars1,7 g
Protein26,7  g
Salt1,88 g
Cheese with herbs Dobra misel
Herb Dobra misel

Herb Dobra misel (Origanum vulgare) is a perennial with small purple flowers that grows up to about half a meter in height. The Greeks also called the plant Orosganos, which translates into mountain joy.

Herb Dobra misel is our native species of wild oregano.

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