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Yoghurt with Spruce Tip Syrup

Yoghurt with Spruce Tip Syrup from Planika Dairy is a fermented dairy product made from non-homogenised milk with 3,5 % milk fat, produced in the Zgornje Posočje region, to which Medex Spruce Tip Syrup is added. The product combines two popular traditional products, which together form a tasty and innovative blend. The packaging includes the recommended daily amount of Spruce Tip Syrup, which, in addition to a honey base with liquid extract of spruce tips, also contains vitamins A and C and eucalyptus oil. Spruce Tip Syrup is considered to be soothing to the respiratory tract. Yoghurt with Spruce Tip Syrup is a rich source of vitamin C, which plays a role in the immune system and helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness.

100 g of the product contains 44 % of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

Average nutritional value per 100g:

Energy value  322 kJ/77 kcal
Fats 3,2 g
– of which saturated fats 1,9  g
Carbohydrates 9,2 g
– of which sugars 8,7 g
Proteins 2,8 g
Salt 0,09 g
Vitamin C 35,0 µg*

*44 % RDI – recommended daily intake


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