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Brincl is a semi-hard cheese produced by soft cheese technology from pasteurized, non-homogenized, whole milk. Its specialty is the addition of ground juniper berries and ground rosemary. The cheese has a smooth, delicate yellow crust, a soft elastic texture, and does not have eyes in the cross-section.

It is matured on wooden shelves under controlled conditions. It is daily manually turned.

A wheel of cheese weighs about 600 g.

Nutrition Facts (100g of product)

Energy value 1303 kJ/314 kcal
Fat 25,1 g
of which saturated fat 15,8 g
Carbohydrates <0,1 g
of which sugars <0,1 g
Protein 22,0 g
Salt 1,3g
Cheese Brincl
juniper berries and rosemary

Juniper berries give a noble taste that is pleasant, spicy, and slightly sweet – bitter.

Rosemary has a pleasant bitter, aromatic taste and aroma.

sir brincl mlekarna planika

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