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Fresh whey is a product that is obtained through the process of curdling. It is nutritionally the highest-quality milk fraction. It was already recommended by Hippocrates two millennia ago as a food for health. Its key ingredients are proteins, vitamins B, and minerals. It is naturally sweet in taste, as it also contains a high proportion of milk sugar or lactose. It is obtained when casein and most milk fat are released from milk during the process of coagulation.

The whey is pasteurized and filled into half litre and litre PVC bottles.

Nutrition Facts (100g of product)

Energy value  113 kJ/27 kcal
Fat  0,4 g
of which saturated fat  0,2 g
Carbohydrates  4,9 g
of which sugars  4,0 g
Protein  0,9 g
Salt  0,11 g
Vitamin B6 1,1 mg (79% PDV)

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