The millennial tradition and heritage of cheese making in the Posočje region has been preserved to this day. Mlekarna Planika has been developed and still operates on basis of this tradition.

Mountain grazing is a specialty of the Alps; the mountains have always been a synonym for survival and culture in the Alps. The mountains of the Soča Valley still live and are considered a special feature of our environment, as it is a special form of shared management. Pasture in the high mountains has in the past been a necessity and foundation for farming and producing quality forage for the winter in the valley.

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Mlekarna Planika


Our products carry the energy of unspoiled nature, coming from the part of Slovenia, where the air is full of life energy, and nature is fairly beautiful and luxurious.

Relaxing silence, deep blue, freshness of high mountains, people’s warmth – in the products of Mlekarna Planika.  We are grateful for all its gifts and feel its great love. We respect everything that has been created and thus we approach our work. We try to preserve the authenticity, without unnecessary interventions in natural processes. Our desire is to give adults and children access to this important source of health and vitality.

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The Kobarid dairy was built as early as 1957

The dairy started with cheese making and later with yogurt production. Until 1959, the newly built dairy in Kobarid operated as an independent company under the name of Sirarna Kobarid. In that year, it merged with Planika from Tolmin to become part of the dairy organization of the Tolmin area. Business-technical cooperation with the work organization Josip Kraš led to a merger in 1967, since that year they have operated as an independent plant within the said work organization, and in 1989 it merged into a single work organization. In 1991, after Slovenia gained its independence, problems began to accumulate in the company, which led to the bankruptcy of Kraš Planika in 1995.


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