Raw materials are also obtained from other areas, but only from areas of untouched nature.

Industrial hemp from the Notranjska Regional Park

For products with industrial hemp additives, we get hemp as a raw material from the area of the Notranjska Regional Park, where the Ileršič organic farm is located. The hand-harvested organic industrial hemp tips are grown in the natural park area, surrounded by forests and far away from industry and motorways. Industrial hemp fields are located at an altitude of 530m. Due to the height, the growing conditions for plants are more difficult, which results in the plants being even more stubborn and forming even more protective substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Wild oregano or a dobra misel from the Soča Valley

Wild oregano (also called dobra misel, i.e. kind thought) is a medical herb, which is, especially for our cheese, picked in the mountains enclosing the Soča Valley. We buy dried oregano from a herbalist from Tolmin who collects it from the mountains surrounding the Soča Valley. Due to the growth in difficult natural conditions, the aroma of herbs is especially characteristic and gives a distinctive note to our cheese.