This is a new product from Mlekarna Planika, an authentic fish spread from the Soča Valley, which interweaves the story of local integration as it combines raw materials from the home environment. In order to maximize the promotion of local gastronomic riches, Mleakrna Planika has combined two unique local stories from the Soča Valley.

The Soča spread was created. It is made from smoked rainbow trout and plain cottage cheese, better known as the Tolmin cottage cheese. We partially enrich it with other ingredients.

Smoked trout is prepared in the fish farm of the Angling club of Tolmin Faronika, located at the confluence of the rivers Soča and Tolminka. Never-ending sufficient quantity of clean and fast running water, taken from the cold alpine river Tolminka, makes it possible to breed the best fish.

Pieces of smoked rainbow trout, which we add to our spread, is one of the most recognizable products of the fish farm of the Angling club of Tolmin Faronika. At the same time, Tolmin cottage cheese is one of the more recognizable products of Mlekarna Planika. In this way, Mlekarna Planika follows the tradition of linking raw materials from the Soča Valley, trying to get as close as possible to the sophisticated tastes of our loyal users.

Try a new great product from the Soča Valley and enjoy the harmony of combined flavours!